A2 Posters

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Advertise your big event around town, make everyone aware of your newest product, or get something printed off for your office, boardroom or bedroom wall. We print posters for all occasions, events, trade shows and in-store advertising all over South Africa.



Cheap Large Custom Poster Printing
Capri Printers offers affordable custom poster printing for all your advertising or personal needs. Specifically, many customers are looking for large posters to accomplish their goals. Larger custom posters are better at catching attention than small ones, which is why we custom-make them at low prices.

Whether displaying images for a presentation, advertising your business on a busy street, or selling your product at a trade show, we are in the business of quality printed posters.

Custom Posters Printed By Capri Printers
We provide straightforward printing of posters so you can easily create the poster you need. Whether you need an A2 or Custom Size poster print, we can fulfill your needs.

If you need a specific size of custom posters printing done quickly, call us. We understand that many frames come in odd sizes that are not easy to match with a poster.

Large Format Poster Prints Done Quickly
Our printing process makes your pictures pop. We use digital manufacturing technology to make sure your posters look as stunning as possible, while also maintaining the affordability you need. We use 220gsm Photo Glossy paper for all large poster prints. For example, consider how movie posters look and feel. Their colours and images are resilient to fading, and they stand out from other forms of print advertisement. By printing a large format poster, we can turn your favorite photographs into crisp, vivid works of art suitable for framing.

Using our advanced printing functionality, we print each custom poster affordably and efficiently. Although we want to get your poster to you as soon as possible, we never lower our quality standards. For your business and personal needs, our affordable custom A2 poster prints are a great option.

Capri Printers prints affordable posters in Polokwane so that we craft your poster according to the high standard you can expect in South Africa. With this in mind, you can trust that your poster is in good hands when you order from Capri Printers. Finally, we also guarantee fast delivery service nationwide.

Best Ways To Hang Posters
There are many ways to hang posters so below is a list of common ways to get the job done.
• Double Sided Adhesive Tape
• Prestick / Bostick
• Frames / Snapper Frames

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